The Referral Program

Get 6% of the Bither Stock coins and the Rental Processor tokens as the referral bonus

To use the existing capabilities in cryptocurrency communities and to introduce the BitherPlatform to a broader scope and more comprehensive active members, we designed an interesting referral program. By registering at the Bither pre-sale site, every user can receive a unique link for promoting the project. Also, different banners or reports of referral activities are accessible in the user's dashboard. After any purchase by a referred user, the referrer receives 6% of purchased BSK and BRP tokens (bonuses are not included). For example, if Alan registers through Michael’s referral link, and buys 2000 Bither, Alan will receive 1000 Tokens of Bither Stock coins and 20 * 2000 (purchased Bither) of Rental Processor which is 40,000 BRP, to appreciate the effort that Michael absorbed a user (a buyer), he will be rewarded by 60 BSK and 1200 BRP.

Bither Faucet

The dripping distribution faucet is designed to introduce users to the BitherPlatform network features, at the beginning of the distribution, 700,000 tokens will be stored in a wallet called faucet wallet.

Bither World Community

Each country, a BitherPlatform professional ambassador, to build an intelligent and active community. The community expansion plan has begun its five-year program in a dedicated domain called bitherplatform. world Having international meetups and conferences, advanced and professional education, introducing the project and expanding the network by the members of the community and adding more active people in the community, are the key factors in the growth and development of this network.