Bither Platform is a three-layer network that is capable of running smart contracts and different projects on all three layers. In this network, miners are allowed to mine on any layer and any project that they prefer without any obligation on staying on one network. In addition, Bither platform has a solution for the energy consumption on PoW mechanism in which miners' excess computing power is going to be used on valuable computations such as scientific researches and universities in need of computing power. Masternodes control this process and help to keep the network secure while running smoothly.

Master Nodes

Trusted Master Nodes On Bither Platform Network

Masternodes in Bither Platform collect various network information and process them, they also collect and store the latest blockchain state, monitor the performance of miners, other Masternodes and the distribution of computing power in the network. These roles are very essential and require prerequisites such as 3000 BTR, so in return, they receive 10% of the total rewards earned by the miners.

Mining Mechanism

Multi Mining

The mining mechanism in Bither Platform is based on the Mitigated PoW, where improvements have been made to prevent wastage of computing power. In multi-mining, miners in addition to mining the original coin will benefit from all the projects associated with the platform. They can also customize their computing power and use it on different projects simultaneously. By using the Bither Stock network, they can lease all their computing power and cover their costs, or even profit in the downtrends.

Token Sale Details



Payment Method


Token Price

0.01 ETH

Extra Token


Minimum Participation

0.1 ETH

Available Token For Sale


Total Tokens

200,000,000 BTR

Token Type


Bither Platform Contract

pragma solidity 0.5.3;

import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/crowdsale/validation/TimedCrowdsale.sol";
import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/crowdsale/emission/AllowanceCrowdsale.sol";
import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/crowdsale/validation/CappedCrowdsale.sol";

 * @title BitherPlatformCrowdsale
 * @dev BitherCrowdsale contract uses multiple openzeppelin base contracts and adds some custom behaviour.
 *      The openzeppelin base contracts have been audited and are widely used by the community. They can
 *      be trusted to have almost zero security vulnerabilities and therefore do not need to be tested.
 *      The BitherCrowdale enables the purchasing of 2 tokens, the BitherToken (BTR) and RentalProcessorToken (BRP) 
 *      at rates determined by the current block time. It specifies a cap of Ether that can be contributed
 *      and a length of time the crowdsale lasts. It requires the crowdsale contract address be given
 *      an allowance of 33000000 BTR and 420000000 BRP enabling it to distribute the purchased tokens. These
 *      values are determined by the cap of 300000 ETH and the phased distribution rates.
contract BitherPlatformCrowdsale is AllowanceCrowdsale, TimedCrowdsale, CappedCrowdsale {

    uint256 constant private CAP_IN_WEI = 300000 ether;

    uint256 constant private BTR_PRIVATE_SALE_RATE = 110;
    uint256 constant private BTR_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_1 = 110;
    uint256 constant private BTR_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_2_TO_5 = 109;
    uint256 constant private BTR_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_6_TO_9 = 108;
    uint256 constant private BTR_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_10_TO_13 = 107;

    uint256 constant private BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_1_FIRST_2_HOURS = 110;
    uint256 constant private BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_1_TO_14 = 107;
    uint256 constant private BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_15_TO_28 = 106;

    uint256 constant private BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_1_FIRST_2_HOURS = 110;
    uint256 constant private BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_1_TO_7 = 106;
    uint256 constant private BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_8_TO_14 = 104;
    uint256 constant private BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_15_TO_21 = 102;
    uint256 constant private BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_22_TO_28 = 100;

    uint256 constant private BRP_PRIVATE_SALE_RATE = 1400;
    uint256 constant private BRP_PRESALE_RATE_FIRST_2_HOURS = 1400;
    uint256 constant private BRP_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_1_TO_5 = 1380;
    uint256 constant private BRP_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_6_TO_13 = 1360;

    uint256 constant private BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_1_TO_7 = 1340;
    uint256 constant private BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_8_TO_21 = 1320;
    uint256 constant private BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_22_TO_28 = 1300;

    uint256 constant private BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_1_TO_7 = 1240;
    uint256 constant private BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_8_TO_14 = 1160;
    uint256 constant private BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_15_TO_21 = 1080;
    uint256 constant private BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_22_TO_28 = 1000;

    IERC20 private _rentalProcessorToken;
    uint256 private _privateSaleClosingTime; // Friday, March 22, 2019 12:00:00 AM (1553212800)
    uint256 private _presaleOpeningTime; // Saturday, March 23, 2019 2:00:00 PM (1553349600)
    uint256 private _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime; // Saturday, April 20, 2019 2:00:00 PM (1555768800)
    uint256 private _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime; // Saturday, June 1, 2019 2:00:00 PM (1559397600)

     * Event for BRP token purchase logging
     * @param purchaser Who paid for the tokens
     * @param beneficiary Who got the tokens
     * @param value Wei paid for purchase
     * @param amount Amount of tokens purchased
    event RentalProcessorTokensPurchased(address indexed purchaser, address indexed beneficiary, uint256 value, uint256 amount);

     * @dev Constructor, calls the inherited classes constructors, stores RentalProcessorToken and determines crowdsale times
     * @param bitherToken The BitherToken address, must be an ERC20 contract
     * @param rentalProcessorToken The RentalProcessorToken, must be an ERC20 contract
     * @param bitherTokensOwner Address holding the tokens, which has approved allowance to the crowdsale
     * @param etherBenefactor Address that will receive the deposited Ether
     * @param preSaleOpeningTime The presale opening time, in seconds, all other times are determined using this to reduce risk of error
    constructor(IERC20 bitherToken, IERC20 rentalProcessorToken, address bitherTokensOwner, address payable etherBenefactor, uint256 preSaleOpeningTime)
        Crowdsale(BTR_PRIVATE_SALE_RATE, etherBenefactor, bitherToken)
        TimedCrowdsale(now, preSaleOpeningTime + 14 weeks)
        _rentalProcessorToken = rentalProcessorToken;

        _privateSaleClosingTime = preSaleOpeningTime - 38 hours;
        _presaleOpeningTime = preSaleOpeningTime;
        _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime = preSaleOpeningTime + 4 weeks;
        _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime = preSaleOpeningTime + 10 weeks;

     * @dev Overrides function in the Crowdsale contract to revert contributions less then
     *      50 Eth during the first period and less than 0.1 Eth during the rest of the crowdsale
     * @param beneficiary Address performing the token purchase
     * @param weiAmount Value in wei involved in the purchase
    function _preValidatePurchase(address beneficiary, uint256 weiAmount) internal view {
        super._preValidatePurchase(beneficiary, weiAmount);

        if (now < _privateSaleClosingTime) {
            require(weiAmount >= 50 ether, "Not enough Eth. Contributions must be 50 Eth minimum during the private sale");
        } else {
            require(weiAmount >= 100 finney, "Not enough Eth. Contributions must be 0.1 Eth minimum during the presale and crowdsale (Round 1 and Round 2)");

        if (now > _privateSaleClosingTime && now < _presaleOpeningTime) {
            revert("Private sale has ended and the presale is yet to begin");
        } else if (now > _presaleOpeningTime + 13 days && now < _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime) {
            revert("Presale has ended and the crowdsale (Round 1) is yet to begin");
        } else if (now > _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime + 4 weeks && now < _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime) {
            revert("crowdsale (Round 1) has ended and the crowdsale (Round 2) is yet to begin");

     * @dev Overrides function in the Crowdsale contract to enable a custom phased distribution
     * @param weiAmount Value in wei to be converted into tokens
     * @return Number of tokens that can be purchased with the specified weiAmount
    function _getTokenAmount(uint256 weiAmount) internal view returns (uint256) {

        if (now < _privateSaleClosingTime) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_PRIVATE_SALE_RATE);
        } else if (now < _presaleOpeningTime + 1 days) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_1);
        } else if (now < _presaleOpeningTime + 5 days) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_2_TO_5);
        } else if (now < _presaleOpeningTime + 9 days) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_6_TO_9);
        } else if (now < _presaleOpeningTime + 13 days) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_10_TO_13);

        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime + 2 hours) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_1_FIRST_2_HOURS);
        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime + 2 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_1_TO_14);
        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime + 4 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_15_TO_28);

        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime + 2 hours) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_1_FIRST_2_HOURS);
        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime + 1 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_1_TO_7);
        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime + 2 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_8_TO_14);
        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime + 3 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_15_TO_21);
        } else if (now < closingTime()) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BTR_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_22_TO_28);

     * @dev Overrides function in AllowanceCrowdsale contract (therefore also overrides function
     *      in Crowdsale contract) to add functionality for distribution of a second token, BRP.
     * @param beneficiary Token purchaser
     * @param tokenAmount Amount of tokens purchased
    function _deliverTokens(address beneficiary, uint256 tokenAmount) internal {
        super._deliverTokens(beneficiary, tokenAmount);

        uint256 weiAmount = msg.value;
        uint256 brpTokenAmount = getBrpTokenAmount(weiAmount);

        _rentalProcessorToken.safeTransferFrom(tokenWallet(), beneficiary, brpTokenAmount);

        emit RentalProcessorTokensPurchased(msg.sender, beneficiary, weiAmount, brpTokenAmount);

     * @dev Determines distribution of BRP depending on the time of the transaction
     * @param weiAmount Value in wei to be converted into tokens
     * @return Number of tokens that can be purchased with the specified weiAmount
    function getBrpTokenAmount(uint256 weiAmount) private view returns (uint256) {

        if (now < _privateSaleClosingTime) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_PRIVATE_SALE_RATE);

        } else if (now < _presaleOpeningTime + 2 hours) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_PRESALE_RATE_FIRST_2_HOURS);
        } else if (now < _presaleOpeningTime + 5 days) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_1_TO_5);
        } else if (now < _presaleOpeningTime + 13 days) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_PRESALE_RATE_DAY_6_TO_13);

        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime + 1 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_1_TO_7);
        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime + 3 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_8_TO_21);
        } else if (now <= _crowdsaleRound1OpeningTime + 4 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND1_RATE_DAY_22_TO_28);
        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime + 1 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_1_TO_7);
        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime + 2 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_8_TO_14);
        } else if (now < _crowdsaleRound2OpeningTime + 3 weeks) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_15_TO_21);
        } else if (now <= closingTime()) {
            return weiAmount.mul(BRP_CROWDSALE_ROUND2_RATE_DAY_22_TO_28);

Bither Platform Timeline

Q1 2017
Ideation & Research
Q2 2017
Team Created & Bither Platform Foundation Established
Q3 2017
Project Defined
Q4 2017
Market & Regulation Research
Protocol Testing
Q4 2018
Q3 2018
Bitherplatform Whitepaper Release
Q2 2018
Launching Website
Q1 2018
Protocol Debugging
Q1 2019
1. Marketing
2. Private Sale
3. Token Pre-sale
Q2 2019
1. Token ICO
2. Listing on Exchanges
Q3 2019
Bither Stock (BSK) & Rental Processor (BRP) Business Development
Q4 2019
Testnet Launching
Q4 2020
Bither Decentralized Exchange Launching
Q3 2020
Working on partnerships with large companies and Best Science And Technology Research Labs for Bither Platform
Q2 2020
1. Bither Stock (BSK) & Rental Processor (BRP) Mainnet Launching
2. Planning Roadmap for The Next Stage
Q1 2020
Bither Mainnet Launching & Wallet Release


Roger Crook
Business Angel, Entrepreneur, Board & ICO Advisor, Mentor, International CEO
Roger Crook is an entrepreneur, board & ICO advisor in the logistics tech, FinTech, and blockchain disruption space with over 25 years of international leadership and operational experience. he has led and empowered large diverse teams across geographical markets. Also, he advised many startups on customer-centric growth strategies, entering new markets, profitability drivers, and designing customer-focused streamline organizations.
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Naviin Kapoor, a blockchain consultant and a business transformation leader with more than twelve years of experience in project management and business analysis, and more than one year of experience in ethereum, bitcoin, hyperledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. He has also attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL & Professional Scrum Master Level 1. He had worked on various banking transformation projects - “sustainable and disruption”, which were initiated in various domains such as Retail Banking, Cash Management, Integrated Liquidity Management (ILM), Corporate Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, Financial Messaging, Regulatory Sanctions Filtering and Local and International Payment Systems.
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Karen New
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Julia Prus
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Legal Advisor
The K&N law firm, whose origin goes back to the 2015’s, stands today as one of the leading and the best-known law firms in Georgia. Their highly educated and motivated lawyers, a diverse and talented group, with an international outlook and strong local grip, present a unique combination of legal and academic expertise allowing us to deliver unrivaled legal solutions in one of the rapidly developing countries in the region. They have previously tendered in a variety of international and cross-border projects and are recognized as a well-established, respected and leading law firm in Georgia.

The Bither Team

Alex Z.Kouchal
Reza Abbasgholiha
CSO & head of operations department
Daniel Driessen
Community Support Manager
Ali Ghasemirad
CTO & Digital Marketing Strategist
Erik van der Veen
Director of Customer Experience & Community Expert
Shayan Shirazi
CRO & Director of Engineering
Natia Nargizashvili
Executive Assistant & Data Analyst
Hosein Bahrami
CMO & Market Research Director
Vladimer Kurdadze
Web Developer & Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Revaz Nakhutsrishvili
Developer & Solution Architect
Malvina Natchkebia
Legal & privacy assistant
Alvina Trofimchuk
E-Commerce Specialist & Content Manager
Tamila Tkemaladze
UI/UX Designer & Blockchain Researcher

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